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Hello All!!!

This is my attempt at blogging. I did one once for college and had to post once a week. I remember nothing, just like my high school spanish class.

I originally started an organizing and cleaning business because I loved to organize and supplemented with cleaning. The cleaning side took off way faster than the organizing. I loved the relationships I made with the clients and the money that came with cleaning but didn't have the same passion and energy that I had for organizing. So.... Here I am 'Rebranding'. I got rid of my cleaning, and came up with a new plan to help people love their homes again.

I have always had the opinion that my job wasn't to organize for my clients and then say, "See you later, good luck, hope it all stays this way!" I wanted to help them have tools to create good habits that would help themselves as an individual and keep their home Orderly. I've done lots of research and as much as I love all these big organizing companies, I have come to learn that, not everyone organizes the same way and not every project is going to be picturesque. It's not about being picturesque, it's about creating Order that feels good and is maintainable. Some people love to spend lots of time taking everything out of its box and putting them into clear containers, whereas others find that to cause anxiety and be time consuming.

My goal in rebranding is to offer the skills it takes to keep your home orderly and create healthy habits for a better mindset about oneself. I've recently teamed up with Jade Alexander Coaching to offer a deeper meaning to the word Order. She helps people embrace their current reality and give them the tools to create any result they want. She's pretty cool to hang out with too.

How long do I need to write? Cause I'm done. Too long, needs to be longer? I'd love to hear from you!

Spread the good word and please follow me on Instagram and Facebook @houseofordermethod

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